Bedford Agency partners with Speaklife Ministries!

Bedford Agency, a premier sports business & recruiting education company is pleased to announce a partnership with Speaklife a leading ministry based in Oklahoma City, OK focused on leveraging sports to help kids learn about how to dominate life through Effort, Attitude and Sportsmanship! The collaboration between the two companies aligns passions for youth sports, ministry, leadership, families and recruiting all into a turnkey offering. Speaklife was founded by former NFL and University of Oklahoma player, Rickey Brady. The Bedford Agency was founded in 2016 by former TCU Director of Football Recruiting, Bryan Bedford.

The partnership between Speaklife and Bedford Agency originated back to the beginning of Speaklife when the two firms collaborated to create Kamp Brady in 2016, a youth football camp in the OKC Metro, where the Bedford Agency served in support of development & operations of the camp. Now the two firms are expanding that relationship much further!  Speaklife

“Having known Rickey for many years and understanding his passion to help young kids through the vehicle of sports in the Oklahoma City metro area, while having a passion to help families and coaches, is what really attracted me to partner with Speaklife,” said Bryan Bedford, CEO and Founder of Bedford Agency.   “The ability to marry leadership, coaching, recruiting and sports together is something that is really needed in the Oklahoma City metro area,” -Bedford continued.

“The Bedford Agency is the premier company to provide insight and education to families about the recruiting process and educating families, player and coaches is part of our mission too….

While our summer events and camps are designed for younger aged kids, we believe that introducing this type of content to these families is impactful to help them be as prepared as possible when the recruiting process does kick off, and there is no better partner than the Bedford Agency” said Rickey Brady, Founder of Speaklife.

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The partnership between the two firms will include the Bedford Agency founder Bryan Bedford presenting his Recruiting 101 seminars & leadership information to the parents of Speaklife Camp parents during four Summer Football Camps as an affiliate partner.

The Bedford Agency Affiliate Model is one that was launched in the fall of 2018.  The model is to partner with clubs, leagues, teams, organizations and performance facilities to offer them a way to expand their core services by aligning them toward the Bedford Agency to offer Recruiting Education, Seminars, and Recruiting Content and Tools.  The goal is to provide the industry a way to scale recruiting education at the grass roots level and provide additional development and tools to support the transition to college.

For more information on how the Bedford Agency & Speaklife are partnering please contact us directly at

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