Bedford Agency announces partnership with scoutSmart

The world of sports consulting, sports tech and recruiting continues to evolve and for me it’s always been interesting to see innovation, development and partnerships all pulling together to help advance the industry forward. As we continue to expand our business partnerships here at the Bedford Agency you’ve seen us forge a handful of partnerships to provide access of information on recruiting, provide a roadmap around training and instruction leading to recruiting and various other partnerships in the Sports Business world. Earlier this year, we launched our Affiliate Partnership Program, where we are forging partnerships that are mutually beneficial and expand our collective brands and now have expanded that to include a series of best in class sales partnerships to ride side-by-side. Our latest, and one that’s fun is our partnership with Atlanta-based company Competitive Sports Analysis which has created a new predictive analytics platform for college coaches called, scoutSmart. scoutSmart in short is a talent evaluation platform specifically designed to help coaches efficiently identify the best recruits for their program. The idea is to bring some technology to the process of making an informed decision about recruits and comparing them to other peers in the recruiting class.scoutSMART logo white background

I personally have been observing and tested the scoutSmart platform throughout this year, and in doing so I have seen the team at scoutSmart provide updates and taken the feedback in stride. They really want to help college coaches and furthermore prospective student-athletes through the recruiting process. To build upon that, the scoutSmart platform allows for analysis of recruit data, allows coaches to make informed decisions based on data and uses predictive analytics to make better choices leading up to offers and scholarships. So, as you can see, a product that highly aligns to the Sports Consulting and Recruiting Education business we are aligned to at the Bedford Agency and simply put our role will be to advise them on product development while also serving as a sales resource, working with industry contacts and college coaches interested in this next-gen type of recruiting intelligence platform.

Now, while it’s fun to talk about scoutSmart, the partnership will also work to assist the Bedford Agency. Firstly, all the Bedford Agency families that we support with our Recruiting Education platform have been or will be entered into the scoutSmart platform to assist each of them with potential recruitment targets. Secondly, the Bedford Agency and scoutSmart will look to collaborate on speaking events, recruiting seminars and recruiting education programs to assist families across the nation in the journey and lifecycle that is college recruiting. The goal is to have both companies helping the process of recruiting all along the journey from prospect, parent, high school and college coach.


“ I believe that there is significant synergy in our partnership with the Bedford Agency”, said Diane Bloodworth, Competitive Sports Analysis founder and CEO. “This partnership supports our goal of improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the college football recruiting process and that benefits all participants – recruits, parents, high school coaches, and college coaches. Working with the Bedford Agency allows scoutSMART to improve access to recruits and college coaches. We can connect with recruits to ensure that we have complete and accurate data. In addition, we will highlight some of the Bedford Agency recruits on the scoutSMART platform used by college coaches”.

For more questions on the partnership, general inquiries about how the Bedford Agency and scoutSmart are working together please contact Bryan Bedford, CEO & Founder of the Bedford Agency at or Diane Bloodworth, CEO -Competitive Sports Analysis at

Exciting times continue at the Bedford Agency and we are thrill to share the news with you all.


Bryan Bedford

CEO & Founder

Bedford Agency

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