Recruiting Affiliate Program



The Bedford Agency guides each player and family through the complex college recruiting process with our proven recruiting services for clubs, leagues and affiliates. Learn more about the entire recruiting process, how to structure a recruiting strategy that puts you in the best position for the future.

Clubs, Leagues and Affiliates like to partner with us to help teach broad-based principals around the college recruiting process to their members.  Just like “Turbo Tax”, we provide easy to use solutions that our Affiliates can leverage to provide the foundational education around, leadership & college recruiting to their families and players.  We have 20 years of experience, many of those as a Division I and Division II recruiting coordinator and we know the ins and outs of the college recruitment process and are very much looking forward to partnering with leagues, clubs and affiliates all across the country.

Recruiting Affiliate Program:  In this service we offer Clubs/Affiliates/Leagues of all sports a model where they can partner with the Bedford Agency to provide baseline recruiting education to families, give your players and families recruiting tools to be successful in the recruiting process all why the Club/Affiliates benefit in a revenue share program as a partner of the Bedford Agency.

Here’s how it works:

Each Affiliate Partner is able to provide their families with our Affiliate Packages which include educational resources, seminars, communication portals and personalized recruiting for their membership while offering additional value added services to their members.

In return we provide a revenue-share model with the league, while we provide this professional services to the members of their club or affiliate!  A proven win-win for all parties.

Too see a list of our Recruiting Affiliates please review this list.


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