How the influence of a coach, impacted the Bedford Agency!

Recently, I had the great pleasure of honoring my college track coach & former boss, Paul McGrady with the Distinguished Alumni Award at our alma mater, Southern Nazarene University.  In doing so, I had to prepare remarks or a bit of a “roast” to honor McGrady.  What stood out to me as I interviewed former student-athletes and his current co-workers was the legacy he provided to many and the advice McGrady gave during his four-decade career as a coach and athletic administrator and how the advice he gave me, impacts the companies we work with today and potential prospects we advise each day at the Bedford Agency.

McGradyLet me show you:

Vision:  Paul has and had a vision for his teams.  All his teams were very successful and guided in faith, belief and conviction.    Is what you are doing today, guided by a “vision” is a question I ask myself and the companies I consult with each day!

Competitiveness: While we joked at the event over a “near brawl” during one of his teams games in the early ’90s, it became clear that his teams knew how to compete!  They knew how to deal with losses and how to overcome situations to Win.  Too many times we see businesses or even youth sports being directed to “everyone gets a medal” mentality.  That’s not how life works and McGrady showed us that.  Whether its competing for a scholarship offer, expanding your business for sales growth, competition is around each of us and we must embrace it.

Influence: The lasting item and without question is the most important one, is that McGrady left a legacy of his heart, faith, compassion, and fierce-competitiveness with each one of us.  Is your company leaving a legacy behind in the area you are focused in on?  Is your company leaving a legacy in who they are, what they represent?  Are you a high school prospect trying to go to college and leaving a legacy at your school?  Just a handful of examples of how legacy can impact each one of you potentially!  I know McGrady gave us a great legacy and for that I will always cherish that.

As I think now about that legacy and how it applies to our business at the Bedford Agency, I am struck by the desire to please our customers, provide quality consulting services.  Furthermore we will be honest at all times, give quality guidance and direction to leave a legacy for years to come for each of our Sports Clients.   Or as our tag line says “insights beyond the game” and that truly is our mission. 

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