We are changing the experience of Sports, College Recruiting, NIL and beyond!

The Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise for companies, coaches, student-athletes and families navigating the world of Sports Business, College Sports Recruiting and Name, Image and Likeness process! We are family owned Christ-centered business that is uniquely positioned to offer expertise, strategic consulting, educational content and technology to transform the college recruiting process like never before. Our rich foundation includes a history around college recruiting, camps, consulting and events. In 2021 we also launched our first set of brands Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite, Transfer Route. In 2022, we launched Teams Route a turnkey offering to help high school and club coaches and their entire programs managed & become educated on recruiting and NIL.


Offerings of the Bedford Agency include:

Strategic consulting (GTM Planning, Business Development, Solution Development, Partnerships)

Speaking Opportunities (Book here)

College Sports Recruiting & NIL (Recruit Route)

Camps and Events (Sponsorships, Operations & Execution)

High School & Club Coaches Recruiting and NIL Program (Teams Route)

Bryan Bedford, CEO of the Bedford Agency and Recruit Route

We have several national partners that uniquely position us to help countless businesses, start-ups, coaches, student-athletes and parents. For more information on the Bedford Agency’s work to transform the college recruiting and NIL process, please visit our offerings at Recruit-Route.com.