Name, Image and Likeness “Starter Kit” for Athletes and Parents

Need a guidebook to get started with NIL? We’ve created a “starter kit” to serve as a guide for athletes or parents navigate this new and evolving space and its implications to recruiting as well.

Before you start considering Name, Image and Likeness consider a few fundamental questions we encourage you to ask yourself:

  1. What are my passions besides the sport I play?
    • Why this is so important is NIL is about showcasing yourself as a brand. Want do your do or what are you interested in beyond your sport that makes you unique and creates a following.
  2. What is my career interest following graduating from college?
    • Several student-athletes we have spoke to have interest in using NIL as a way to get a head start on their business or marketing careers. Maybe this is what is driving you to consider this?
  3. How comfortable am I on social media?
    • Did you know that 79% of NIL deals in the college space are executed on social media? We predict this to be closer to 90% or greater in the High School market.

Educating yourself:

The key for most all student-athletes and parents is to get educated on Name, Image and Likeness. Here are a handful of great resources for NIL Education.

State and National Rules:

In the High School space, each athletic and activities organization governs its NIL rules specifically. To find out more details about your state rules visit the State specific NIL legislation. In the college space the

NCAA NIL legislation is much more clear. Make sure to review the rules before you execute any agreement.

Leveraging Marketplaces & Agents:

Unless you are a very high profile athlete, you likely will NOT have an agent. However, if you are approached by an agent ask about number of clients, number of contracts negotiated, examples of previous work, references and more. That said, one way you CAN start with Name, Image and Likeness is via a marketplace. Read more about marketplaces and get a list of them here Marketplace Tracker

Managing your money:

We’ve all heard about taxes, savings and more, but as a student-athlete its critical to have a great Understanding Tax Implications. Make sure you have help on any agreement you sign but also make sure you put money back for tax purposes.

Other helpful tips:

Helpful NIL Tips

NIL and Recruiting Tips

For more information on how we work with student-athletes, parents and coaches on NIL, visit or or send us an email at

Name, Image and Likeness (NIL) Marketplaces for College and High School Athletes to consider

What is a NIL Marketplace?

Name, image and likeness (NIL) – a person’s personal brand value or the right to publicity. A Marketplace is defined as an open exchange for buyers and sellers. A marketplaces you might be familiar with could be Amazon, eBay, Uber, AirBnb, Craigslist, but an NIL marketplace is where a person sells their personal brand value to a company that buys the benefits of it. Think of this as crowdsourcing for NIL. Here is a current list of marketplaces that college and/or high school athletes can enroll in to help them monetize their Name, Image and Likeness.

*Note we are updating this list often, so check back frequently.

Graph below via the Business of College Sports


PlatformTypes of Opportunities  Fees/Revenue Share
98StrongBrand partnerships  Free for student athletes; varies for brands depending on campaign
AthletepreneurBrand partnerships  Brands are charged a platform fee instead of a per deal fee. Athlete’s pay fees on a sliding scale based on their NIL Score (a proprietary ranking of the marketability of their NIL). If an athlete comes to them for other ancillary services, the fee may be reduced.
Athletes.TVAd-supported video content  Free for student athletes to create a channel and free for fans to watch; athletes get 60% of ad revenue from their channel
Athlete DirectAutographs, sell gear, licensed merchandise, brand building  Student athlete gets paid 70% of net sales
AthlytBrand partnerships, casting calls, live appearances, NFTs, etc.  10% fee charged to brand; no fee for student athletes
Blue Wire*Podcast platform  Student athletes receive share of advertising revenue
Cameo*Personal video messages  Student athlete gets 75% if booked through the website, 75% after 30% to Apple if booked through the iOS app
CleanKonnectBrand partnerships  Fee charged to brand; free for student athletes
CoachTubeDigital instruction  Coach/student athlete or a charity of their choice can keep 100% of the revenue (minus standard transaction fees) when you bring new students to CoachTube. For every student CoachTube brings to your course through their marketing efforts, they split the sale 80/20 – the student athlete receives 80%, CoachTube gets 20%.
CoachUp*In-person, small group and personal coaching sessions  $49.99 one-time activation fee plus $9.99 annual membership; earnings vary based on number of sessions with an individual athlete: 1 session pays 57% to coach, 2 sessions is 72%, 3 sessions is 82%, 4 sessions is 87% and 5 or more sessions are 95%
display*Create content for brands that offer affiliate commission  Up to 50% for ad revenue and affiliate commissions
Dreamfield*In person opps like autograph signings, meet and greets, clinics, 1:1, commercials, podcasts/radio spots, digital media campaigns, print media, individualized offers for athletes.  Platform charges a fee to the buyer; once the event is complete student athletes keep 100% of the booking price.
EngageBooking everything from speeches to one-in-a-lifetime experiences  15% fee for buyers; no fees for student athletes
Fan Arch*Digital storefront for personalized merchandise   
FangageDigital autograph sessions   
Fans Meet IdolsDigital storefronts for student athletes to sell videos, products, appearances, etc.  Student athletes keep 75-95% of each transaction.
FanZoneMobile app/marketplace to monetize content through subscriptions and experiences. The app also has additional monetization features, including video chats and messaging.  Student athletes keep 90-95% of each transaction.
Find My NILBrand partnerships and online community for student athletes  Student athletes and sponsors can sign up for a 3-month trial, thereafter it becomes $4.99/mo for athletes and $99/mo for businesses. Find My NIL does not take any percentage of completed deals.
HuckleMarketplace to directly connect student-athletes with companies and brands through shared interests and passions to collaborate and mutually profit.   FREE for student athletes; companies and brands are charged a fee of 15%
Icon Source*Brand partnerships  
Indi*Monetizing content creation (product recs, shout out videos, tutorials, etc.)  Rates vary based on the type of content.
Influential*Brand partnerships  
InfluxerBrand partnerships  10% paid by the brand
JenloopSocial posts for individuals or businesses  25% fee for student athletes
Jersey SponsorBrand partnerships  15% fee paid by the brand; free for brands for up to 5 direct messages or invites per month or $99/mo for unlimited; no fees for student athletes
Klout MachineBrand partnerships  10% from the brand and 10% from the student athlete Note: their marketplace is still being developed, but they are already facilitating deals
Lummys.comBranded content is posted within the athlete’s Twitter and/or Facebook feedsAthletes get paid 50% of every CPC (cost-per-click).
MarketPryceBrand partnerships  $8/month to join for student athletes but they get 100% of income they generate on the platform
Matchpoint ConnectionBrand partnerships (focus on local businesses)  The brand is charged 9% in addition to the offer amount and the student athlete is charged 9% from the offer amount.
MOGLIn-person Appearances, Social Media Campaigns, Endorsements, Brand Partnerships, and Merchandise Sales (all directly disclosed to university compliance)  Free for Athletes; 20% fee paid by business
Mojo*Digital youth sports coaching  
NOCAP SportsBrand partnerships, merchandise, personal appearances, etc. in addition to compliance and education for institutions  Free for athletes. 18% fee paid by brand
Obsesh*Personalized digital coaching (skills & technique)  Student athlete keeps 75% of the booking
OpendorseBrand partnerships in addition to compliance and education for institutions  30% fee paid entirely by buyer
OpenSponsorship*Brand partnerships  Student athletes pay 10-20% commission on each deal, and brands pay for a $399 subscription to put up a campaign. If brands already know the student athlete they want to work with, they can send direct proposals for free or upgrade to whiteglove service ( for $1250/mo.
PlaybookedBrand partnerships   
PostgameBrand partnerships  
Sideline Swap*Sell gear  Listing is free; 12% fee for first 5 items sold, 9% thereafter plus payment processing fee of 2.9% the cost of the item + $0.30; buyer pays shipping
SportEndorseIn-person Appearances, Social Media Campaigns, Endorsements, Speaking Engagement, Product Evaluations and Brand Partnerships  Student athletes pay 12-16% commission on each deal done on the platform, and brands pay $360 yearly or $35 monthly to put up opportunities. Agents can join the platform for $360 yearly, or $35 monthly, and we will share commissions with them. 
Spring*Direct-to-consumer digital storefront  Processing fee is 10% of the selling price, plus a $0.40 charge
SQWAD*Digital contests and fan engaging gamification   
StipendExperiences, including coaching  Buyer pays 5% service fee, plus a 12% fee is taken out of the face value of the experience before revenue is distributed to the student athlete
Subtext *SMS texting  20% of subscription fees received by student athletes
The Players Trunk*Sell gear   
Vantage SportsDigital coaching/training  Clients pay 10% service charge; 1% is donated to the Doug Flutie Foundation for Autism
WorkhorseBrand partnerships   

Bedford Agency and Moore Public Schools Partner on Name, Image and Likeness Education for Coaches and Staff

Moore Public Schools, first school district in Oklahoma to invest in NIL Education for its coaches

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, DEC 21, 2022 –Moore Public Schools has selected the Bedford Agency to help train, educate and mentor the Athletic Department and Coaches in Name, Image and Likeness as a district-wide initiative.  Moore Public Schools is now the first school district in Oklahoma to invest in NIL education for its coaches. 

Bedford Agency will provide workshops and provide a video-on-demand training curriculum (NIL Playbook) to its coaches through its partnership with Eccker Sports under the Bedford Agency Teams Route brand.  Earlier this month within Moore Public Schools, each head coach conduct an initial training on Name, Image and Likeness workshop and was provided access to an on-demand content and training (NIL Playbook) and certification with additional training workshops for there coaches planned in the spring.

Moore Public Schools & Bedford Agency Partner on NIL Education

NIL guidelines were passed by the Oklahoma Secondary Schools Activities Association (OSSAA) in October of this year and thus the need by Moore Public Schools to offer NIL Education to its coaches and staff.   Bedford Agency and Eccker Sports are also the official partners of the OSSAA. 

“A key element of this is education and bringing together the best of the best in NIL education and resources to educate and empower as many coaches and athletic staff as possible and ultimately parents and student-athletes,” said Bryan Bedford, CEO, Bedford Agency. “We are very excited to partner with Moore Public Schools to offer their top-of-the-line NIL Education to help them navigate an otherwise complicated topic and process, and thrilled they are the first school district to recognize the need and make an investment.”

“Being able to educate our coaches on NIL was hugely important to us as a district leadership team and working with the Bedford Agency to offer best-in-class NIL education and leveraging their local (OSSAA) and national (Eccker Sports) partnerships was a no-brainer,” said Brian Fitzgerald, Athletic Director, Moore Public Schools.  “Working closely with Bedford Agency allows us to meet the needs of our coaches on a topic that is very new to us and provides tremendous value to our student-athletes and families as they look to pursue Name, Image and Likeness opportunities in the future.”

About Bedford Agency

The Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise for companies, coaches, student-athletes and families navigating the world of Sports Business, College Sports Recruiting and Name, Image and Likeness process! A family-owned Christ-centered business that is uniquely positioned to offer expertise, strategic consulting, educational content and technology to transform the college recruiting process like never before. It’s rich foundation includes a history around college recruiting, camps, consulting and events. In 2021 the Bedford Agency launched its first set of brands Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite, Transfer Route. In 2022, it launched Teams Route a turnkey offering to help high school and club coaches and their entire programs managed & become educated on recruiting and NIL.

About Moore Public Schools

Moore Public Schools has 35 schools, over 24,000 students and over 1,600 certified educators.  High Schools include three 6A High Schools: Moore High School, Southmoore High School and Westmoore High School.


Media Relations:
Ashley Pries, +1 (559) 908-9559

Understanding #NIL Tax Implications for High School Student-Athletes

One of the many observations of the early days of Name, Image and Likeness is the realization that we are dealing with young people who have very limited understanding of business, finance and marketing. These student athletes, whether they are in college or now in High School have very limited understanding of the choices and decisions they make and how those may have much larger implications. One that I am keenly concerned about its finances and tax implications for High School student-athletes and there families. Here are a couple of Tax considerations that High School families should be considering:

Tax TipS for High School #NIL

NIL creates an opportunity for athletes to learn the ropes about personal finance, budgeting, and taxation at a young age. Consider some basic ground rules and potential issues:

  • High School athletes are not employees of the school and are generally not employees of the companies paying the athlete for NIL. Generally, High School athletes will be considered independent contractors by the companies who sign them to NIL deals.
  • Most, if not all, payments an High School athlete receives will have no income taxes withheld, which means if the payment is taxable, tax will be due when the athlete’s tax return is filed. Athletes should budget accordingly for cash-flow purposes, as federal, state, and potentially local income tax may be owed before April 15.
  • Compensation may be in the form of cash or non-cash items such as clothing, food, sports equipment, gifts, and discounts on products. Non-cash compensation is also taxable income.
  • State and local tax issues may arise if an athlete resides in one state but attends school in another state — or perform services such as sponsorships, promotions, or events in other states. Those student athletes in boarder states that do or don’t allow NIL need to pay close attention.
  • Depending on the size of payments the athlete receives, they may need to consider making quarterly estimated tax payments throughout the year to avoid interest and penalties.
  • Income received for use of NIL could jeopardize an NCAA athlete’s eligibility for need-based financial aid.
  • Please consult a CPA or tax planning professional for all your business and tax needs.

Again these are just a handful of tips for High School student-athletes and families to consider around Name, Image and Likeness. For more information on how we help schools becoming educated on NIL, please check out

Bedford Agency in the News…#NIL, OSSAA and more…

The Bedford Agency and our CEO, Bryan Bedford have been fielding tons of media request to talk about recruiting and NIL. From our agreement and guidelines with the OSSAA to media requests and podcast. Here is a update list of resources, stories and podcasts to keep you informed on the latest.

Bedford Agency Partners with Eccker Sports to provide High School Coaches and Student-Athletes With Education and Assistance in Recruitment and NIL 10.4.22 Link

OSSAA Passes NIL Guidelines for NIL & partnership with Bedford Agency & Eccker Sports 10.5.22 Link

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