Why Educating High School Coaches and Athletic Departments on NIL & Recruiting is so critical?

This week a High School Athletic Director passed over two agreements of a current student-athlete. One was a standard endorsement and appearance contract (pretty standard Name, Image and Likeness stuff), the other was a agreement with a prospective agent (no necessarily standard in High School, but nonetheless, another #NIL normal). In this case this Athletic Director asked standard questions, first time questions and at the end he really just wanted a “guide”.

Bryan Bedford, CEO of the Bedford Agency at a recent NIL & Recruiting Education Seminar

At the end of the day, that’s where our NIL and Recruiting Education seminars, guidance and content come in. We have partnered with some of the top school districts and state associations to advise them on Name, Image and Likeness and Recruiting policies but more importantly we have conducted numerous hands on workshops with coaches to address there concerns, give these administrators the confidence to implement policy and we’ve even given them access to a best in class tool and certification program through our partners, Eccker Sports called the NIL Playbook. If you or your school is looking for #NIL and Recruiting education and guidance, we can help.

Educating HS Coaches on NIL and Recruiting, a critical step in 2023!

We’ve spent a ton of time the past year working with HS school administrators, HS school districts and state associations as they begin the journey of helping there student-athletes, parents and fellow coaches to fully understand Name, Image and Likeness and College Sports Recruiting. The implications are far and wide, but gaining a foundational understanding of NIL and how its impacting recruiting is critical in our minds.

Bryan Bedford, CEO of Bedford Agency & Recruit Route at a recent NIL and Recruiting Coaches workshop

Many HS coaches and HS administrators are focused on providing a base level of training and professional development in both recruiting and NIL. Just read what Moore Public Schools in the state of Oklahoma is doing. The goal, as we see it, is to equip the coaches that walk the halls of these schools with an opportunity to inform there student-athletes and parents on the fundamentals of both of these topics to eliminate problematic situations that might come up, or impact a student-athletes eligibility. Additionally we are seeing these schools administrators take it to the next level by investing in on-demand tools, collectives/marketplaces, templates, best practices and more.

While some may not have NIL laws in there state (the majority of HS state associations have already passed NIL guidelines), they do have active recruiting happening and these two worlds have fully collided the past 2 years and now more than ever is the time to educate all parties involved in the process (coaches, parents and student-athletes) and start implementing beginner processes to protect all parties.

This is in part why we partnered with Eccker Sports to offer local and national solution to these complicated set of issues. If we can help you or your school with NIL and Recruiting Education, please reach out at recruitroute@gmail.com to secure details on our workshops, on-demand training and more.

What Parents Say About Working With Recruit Route

Each year we try to gather feedback from the parents and families we work with. Gathering feedback and allowing folks to see what makes us unique is critical.

“Wow…!!! What a Ride…!!!

First of all, the Recruitment Process has been one of the most Fun, Frustrating, Exciting, Discouraging, Stimulating, Maddening ordeals we have ever been through, and we could not have navigated all of this without Bryan Bedford and Recruit Route Elite!!!


You have been very available and your guidance and advice were always super helpful.

You had a plan for Taylor, and we followed it!

Sometimes it was hard to defer to your wisdom as my tendency was to do something different.

I’m so glad we followed your plan instead of our own. Looking back, I see that you were spot on right every time.

I can’t count the number of potentially bad decisions we might have made without your counsel.

You knew exactly what to expect, how to position Taylor, the recruiting cycle, which events to attend and which to ignore.

Thank you for keeping us on course and all of  your feedback/critique of our social media presence and season highlights.

Thank you especially for helping us be patient through the quiet times when we wanted to panic, as well as motivating us when the time was right!

Thank you for all of the introductions and recommendations you made on Taylor’s behalf.

Taylor is a great athlete on his own.

But you really excelled at helping us showcase his talents and abilities, and get the word out.

Most of all, Thank You for believing in Taylor!

Your encouragement and reassurance throughout this process made all the difference.

We are so very blessed and excited that Taylor has committed to the University of Oklahoma, and you were a big part of this journey!

Thank you and very best regards.”

Tommy & Charity Heim, parents of 2023 OU Signee, Taylor Heim

2023 University of Oklahoma Signee, Taylor Heim and his parents Tommy and Charity Heim

“We wanted to thank Bryan Bedford at Recruit Route. Our son, Jake was very late to the recruiting process. We were attempting to put all the puzzle pieces of this recruiting process together. Bryan gave our son an honest evaluation and an exact plan to evolve from recruit to recruited. It is a process and does take work, but knowing the process and taking the guesswork out of it was priceless given our time constraints.

Bryan is always very available to answer questions and provide advice and insight. It was very nice to be able to put our son in direct communication with Bryan and let him drive the ship and take mom and dad out of the equation a bit. The tools provided help keep things organized and made the process of reaching out to coaches simple. The bottom line is, we didn’t want to drop the ball in this process with our son, so we called Bryan at Recruit Route to ensure we were not missing anything. We are very blessed we did! Jake signed with the United States Naval Academy.” -Joel and Stacy Moore, parents of Jake More, Navy signee.

2023 United States Naval Academy Signee Jake Moore with his family and coaches.

Want to learn more about how we work with families in recruiting and NIL? Please reach out via email at recruitroute@gmail.com or call us at 405.503.9284.