Bedford Agency Launches New Offering to assist High School & Club Coaches!

News Summary:

  • Bedford Agency unveils Teams Route to help educate & empower High School and Club Coaches as they manage the college recruiting and name, image, and likeness journey
  • Teams Route product offers premium level of service with hands-on, customized approach with CEO, Bryan Bedford designed to help High School & Club programs in a turnkey way.

Oklahoma City, OK – Bedford Agency, a college sports recruiting company, announces today the expansion of a new set of products to help High School & Club Coaches and their student-athletes and families become educated, informed, and help guide these coaches and players/families as they navigate the college sports recruiting and name, image, and likeness (NIL) journey. 

Data from the NCAA shows that out of all high school student-athletes, less than 10% go on to play a sport in college while we also have roughly 25% of the current FBS college football athletes alone in the transfer portal. This combined with COVID, Super Seniors, Name, Image and Likeness and Title IX all existing together has made all of this as complicated as its ever been for High School and Club Coaches to help there student athletes and families.

Bedford Agency’s new product line, Teams Route, offers education and resources for these High School & Club Coaches while also providing their student athletes and their families an easy-to-consume set of tools, educational content and expert workshops. The offering combines a customized workshop format for coaches, a dedicated communication portal for coaching staffs with our staff plus digital learning and education, CRM-style tools for managing the recruiting communication process, and the ability to build out their personal micro-recruiting website for the programs student-athletes and families. In addition, Teams Route helps the coaches and student-athletes unlock access to over 50,000 college coaches’ emails, a digital recruiting checklist, and expert-hosted virtual learning sessions for recruits and their parents as part of our Recruit Route family of offerings. To find out more about Recruit Route visit

 “The Teams Route offering was specifically designed to address the needs of High School & Club coaches who are struggling with all the movement and education needed around recruiting, transfer portal, NIL and more. By combining our expert workshops for coaches, providing tools for coaches, student-athletes and families, plus offering regularly scheduled expert workshops on all things recruiting, we are filling a void that many programs have been asking for as the intersection of college sports recruiting and the name, image and likeness journey continues to evolve,” said Bryan Bedford, Chief Executive Officer, Bedford Agency. “Having the ability to educate and empower High School and Club Coaches while making this process simpler and more enjoyable for student-athletes and their families is a pleasure, and we’re excited for them start taking advantage of our offering today!”

About Bedford Agency

Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise for student-athletes and families navigating the College Sports Recruiting process. We are uniquely positioned to offer expertise, educational content, and technology to transform the college recruiting process like never before with our products Recruit Route, Transfer Route and Recruit Route Elite. Bedford Agency was founded by CEO Bryan and Desiree Bedford.  Bryan has over 25-years of College Sports Recruiting Experience serving as Division I Recruiting Director at TCU and Division II Recruiting Director Southern Nazarene University as well as an executive at some of the leading sports video, recruiting evaluation and fortune 50 tech companies. 

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  1. This is awesome! Great website with stats to help with making decisions! Keep It up brother! When you go speak somewhere let me know, I would love to come listen!

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