Recruit Route (a Bedford Agency Brand) and Honest Game Seamlessly Connect Sports Recruiting with Academic Eligibility

Recruit Route and Honest Game enter global partnership to transform how high school student athletes, parents, and coaches connect requirements for academic eligibility with the college sports recruitment process

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, June 15, 2022 – Recruit Route, a Bedford Agency brand, is partnering with Honest Game to jointly educate, guide, and support families that are navigating the world of academic eligibility and college sports recruiting.
The Recruit Route suite of solutions — Recruit Route Elite, Transfer Route, and Teams Route — offers education and resources for student-athletes or transfers and their families and coaches in an easy-to-consume manner. With access to over 80,000 college coaches’ emails, phone numbers and social media handles, personalized digital tools, one-on-one coaching, a recruiting checklist, and expert-hosted virtual learning sessions, clients are empowered to manage the recruiting and name, image, and likeness (NIL) processes.

Honest Game is a technology solution for high school student-athletes, school counselors and college coaches that delivers transparency via verified academic data to demystify and deliver equal access to academic eligibility.
As part of the agreement, both partners will be allowed to jointly promote the other’s solutions to their client base.

“A key element of the Recruit Route strategy is to bring together the best of the best in college sports recruiting to help educate and empower as many student-athletes, parents, and coaches as possible,” said Bryan Bedford, CEO, Bedford Agency and Recruit Route. “We are very excited to partner with Honest Game to offer their top-of-the-line academic eligibility software to our clients to help them navigate an otherwise complicated process.”

“Being able to complement our academic eligibility platform with Recruit Route’s best-in-class recruiting education and empowerment solutions was a no-brainer,” said Kim Michelson, Co-Founder and CEO, Honest Game. “Working closely with Recruit Route allows us to meet the needs of our shared clients and provide tremendous value as they look to improve their probability of success, both in meeting academic requirements and preparing for recruitment.”

About Bedford Agency
The Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise for companies, coaches, student-athletes and families navigating the world of Sports Business, College Sports Recruiting and Name, Image and Likeness process! A family-owned Christ-centered business that is uniquely positioned to offer expertise, strategic consulting, educational content and technology to transform the college recruiting process like never before. It’s rich foundation includes a history around college recruiting, camps, consulting and events. In 2021 the Bedford Agency launched it’s first set of brands Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite, Transfer Route. In 2022, it launched Teams Route a turnkey offering to help high school and club coaches and their entire programs managed & become educated on recruiting and NIL.

About Honest Game
Honest Game is the industry leading technology solution for student-athletes, school counselors, and college coaches automating the complex and constantly changing NCAA rules and requirements. Honest Game partners with thousands of high schools and families to leverage students’ passion for sports to fuel their motivation for learning using short-term goals and clear visual guidance.
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