Recruit Route (a Bedford Agency brand) and RPM Data Collaborate to Help Transform High School Football

Global strategic alliance set to transform how high school football coaches manage data in the ever-changing world of college recruiting

OKLAHOMA CITY, Oklahoma, June 02, 2022 – Recruit Route, a Bedford Agency brand, announced today that it has entered a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with RPM Data to jointly offer a bundled set of solutions that will help transform how high school football coaches manage data for college sports recruiting. Launched in August of 2021, RPM Data is a sports data company revolutionizing how people think, operate and execute with a focus on high school football, college football and the NFL Draft.The agreement combines data and game analysis from RPM Data with Recruit Route – a college recruiting education and empowerment platform – to provide coaches with managed services like best-in-class game and data analysis and turnkey college sports recruiting solutions to enhance the way they work in and out of season.
The collaboration of Recruit Route and RPM Data will help jointly meet the needs of coaches and their athletes and programs. Together, we will provide enormous benefits to improve their existing workflows, help them prepare for games, and support them during the college recruiting process in a truly comprehensive way.

“There is a considerable amount of data at the fingertips of coaches at all levels of the sport that goes unused. Coaches are looking for solutions that are powerful, educational and affordable,” said Kegan Reneau, President of RPM Data. “Partnering with Recruit Route allows us to continue to work closely with coaches to understand and meet their current and future needs.” 

“Together with RPM Data, we can transform how high school coaches manage data and game preparation and support them through education and management of the college recruiting process,” said Bryan Bedford, CEO, Bedford Agency & Recruit Route. “We are excited to continue to champion high-quality professional development for high school Coaches through our education and empowerment tools paired with RPM Data’s best-in-class academic eligibility solutions to help transform this industry.”

About Bedford Agency
Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise for companies, coaches, student-athletes and families navigating the world of Sports Business, College Sports Recruiting and Name, Image and Likeness process! A family-owned Christ-centered business that is uniquely positioned to offer expertise, strategic consulting, educational content and technology to transform the college recruiting process like never before. Its rich foundation includes a history around college recruiting, camps, consulting and events. In 2021 the Bedford Agency launched its first set of brands, Recruit Route, Recruit Route Elite, and Transfer Route. Earlier this year, the agency launched Teams Route, a solution intended to help high school and club coaches manage their programs and become educated on recruiting and NIL.

About RPM Data
RPM Data is a sports data company using multiple solutions to revolutionize how people think, operate and execute with a focus on high school football, college football and the NFL Draft.

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