Teams Route

Bedford Agency’s new product line, Teams Route, offers education and resources for these High School & Club Coaches while also providing their student athletes and their families an easy-to-consume set of tools, educational content and expert workshops. The offering combines a customized workshop format for coaches, a dedicated communication portal for coaching staffs with our staff plus digital learning and education, CRM-style tools for managing the recruiting communication process, and the ability to build out their personal micro-recruiting website for the programs student-athletes and families.

In addition, Teams Route helps the coaches and student-athletes unlock access to over 50,000 college coaches’ emails, a digital recruiting checklist, and expert-hosted virtual learning sessions for recruits and their parents as part of our Recruit Route family of offerings. To find out more about Recruit Route visit Our plan in 2022 is to take on around 10-15 teams/organizations to ensure we help as many coaches, athletes and families as possible.

Cost: $4,500 per year for each program.

To sign up for Teams Route, please complete this form and we will be in contact with you immediately!  Link:

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