Why Educating High School Coaches and Athletic Departments on NIL & Recruiting is so critical?

This week a High School Athletic Director passed over two agreements of a current student-athlete. One was a standard endorsement and appearance contract (pretty standard Name, Image and Likeness stuff), the other was a agreement with a prospective agent (no necessarily standard in High School, but nonetheless, another #NIL normal). In this case this Athletic Director asked standard questions, first time questions and at the end he really just wanted a “guide”.

Bryan Bedford, CEO of the Bedford Agency at a recent NIL & Recruiting Education Seminar

At the end of the day, that’s where our NIL and Recruiting Education seminars, guidance and content come in. We have partnered with some of the top school districts and state associations to advise them on Name, Image and Likeness and Recruiting policies but more importantly we have conducted numerous hands on workshops with coaches to address there concerns, give these administrators the confidence to implement policy and we’ve even given them access to a best in class tool and certification program through our partners, Eccker Sports called the NIL Playbook. If you or your school is looking for #NIL and Recruiting education and guidance, we can help.

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