College Sports Recruiting Advisor

The Bedford Agency is a premier College Sports Recruiting Advisor guiding players, families and clubs through the complex college recruiting process through industry experience, collaboration technology and relationships.

Families, clubs, and teams hire the Bedford Agency to educate & advise them through the college recruiting process.  Just like you would hire or retain an attorney, CPA, or a concierge doctor we work the same way.  We education and advise you and serve as your trusted advisor during the recruiting process.  Simply put we are your concierge recruiting advisor!  With over 20 years of experience, many of those as a NCAA Division I, NCAA Division II recruiting coordinator or part of one of the leading 3rd Party NCAA Evaluation companies in the country, we know the ins and outs of the college recruitment process.


  • The goal is to empower you and your family so that you can drive the process rather than being reactive. As your Recruiting Advisor we offer confidential and specifically designed content with you in mind to meet your individual needs of playing sports in college which includes the following:
    • 90 Minute in-person or virtual consultation
    • Personalized recruiting plan/strategy for each family
    • National Recruiting Strategy & contacts with all the major recruiting evaluation companies.
    • Regional Recruiting Strategy (The Top 50 Process)
    • Each family will have access to Webex Teams to communicate with the Bedford Agency staff 24/7/365 communication with our staff
    • Templates and Reports for each family
    • Athletic Resume development templates
    • Academic game plan & strategy as needed
    • Video/highlight review/templates
    • Detailed and Personalized Camp Strategy
    • Social media strategy & templates
    • COVID-19 Recruiting Strategy
    • Insights: News, Coaching Changes, Unofficial Visits, Official Visits
    • A subscription to Productive Recruit with customer workflows from Bedford Agency (Video Link:

Please Note: We are NOT a “Recruiting Service” that will call college coaches on your behalf!  College Coaches don’t want to hear from 3rd party-services, they want to hear from student-athletes!  We work to help you understand what’s happening, how to communicate, exposure techniques all done in a personalized manner with deep experience! We help you understand the ins and outs of college recruiting and more importantly give you insight into what “to do” to be successful to reach your goal to be a collegiate student-athlete!


  • Our clients have accepted scholarships in nearly every sport including the following universities:
    • Drury, Division II (Women’s Track & Cross Country)
    • Emporia State University, Division II (Football)
    • Fort Hays State University, Division II (Football)
    • Grand Canyon University, Division I (Men’s Track & Cross Country)
    • Colorado School of the Mines, Division II (Baseball & Football)
    • Missouri State University, FCS, Division I (Football)
    • Oklahoma State University, FBS, Division I (Football)
    • Pittsburg State University, Division II (Football)
    • Southern Nazarene University, Division II (Football, Track)
    • Southwestern College, NAIA (Football)
    • Texas Southern University, Division I (Basketball)
    • TCU, FBS, Division I (Football)
    • University of Arkansas, FBS, Division I (Football)
    • University of Central Oklahoma, Division II (Football)
    • University of Oklahoma, FBS, Division I (Football)
    • University of Tulsa, FBS, Division I (Football)
    • University of Wyoming, FBS, Division I (Football)
    • And many more…



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  • Clubs, Leagues, Trainers and Affiliates can partner with us to help teach broad-based principals around the college recruiting process to their members.  Just like “Turbo Tax”, we provide easy to use solutions that our Affiliate partners can leverage to provide the foundational education around, leadership & college recruiting to their families and players.
  • Recruiting Affiliate Program Options:
    • Recruiting Educational resources
    • Recruiting Seminars
    • Recruiting Curriculum Creation
    • Recruiting Communication portals,
    • Personalized recruiting (See our Recruiting Advisor section) for their membership while offering additional value-added services to their members.
    • Revenue Share Opportunities for Affiliate Partners

For more information on our Recruiting Advisor program or our Recruiting Affiliate Program or to inquire about speaking opportunities for your schools or organization please contact our CEO, Bryan Bedford