Name, Image & Likeness Advisor

Beginning in 2021, the Bedford Agency will offer insight and expertise for student athletes, families and brands looking to for expertise and an advisor in the Name, Image and Likeness opportunity presented to collegiate student-athletes starting in 2021.

With experience for decades assisting in college sports, technology and recruiting the Bedford Agency is poised to offer its advisory service in the area of Name, Image and Likeness for collegiate student-athletes and beyond.  This practice will be built through its own set of process, diligence and tools as well as a “best of breed” approach to partners that can assist our families and student-athletes in areas like financial planning, brand management, business planning and more. 

Beginning in 2021 (once the NCAA legislation is complete) Name, Image and Likeness is an opportunity collegiate student-athletes and their families will be faced with.  In response to numerous families who have shared their desire to have an advisor in this area, we have opened up a Advisory practice specific to Name, Image and Likeness.  Now student-athletes and families will have the option of hiring or retaining the Bedford Agency to educate & advise them through the Name, Image and Likeness process.  NIL will open up opportunities for these student athletes to monetize their personal brand while competing as a student athlete starting in 2021.  Just like you would hire or retain an attorney, CPA, or a concierge doctor the Bedford Agency will work the same way.  The Bedford Agency will educate, advise and build out opportunities for you and serve as your trusted advisor during the NIL process.  Simply put we are your concierge NIL advisor! 


  • The goal is to empower you and your family so that you can drive the process rather than being reactive as it relates to Name, Image and Likeness. As your NIL  Advisor we offer confidential and specifically designed information on NIL with you in mind to meet your individual needs of properly and efficiently monetize your Name, Image and Likeness.  The Bedford Agency staff will be creating tiers of services that address the national, regional and local approach to ensure success during this important time in a student-athlete’s life.  Tiers of services likely will include items such as:
    • 90 Minute in-person or virtual consultation
    • Personalized NIL plan/strategy for each family
    • Each family will have access to Webex Teams to communicate with the Bedford Agency staff 24/7/365 communication with our staff
    • Video/Branding Assistance
    • Financial and Business Planning Assistance
    • Development of Bedford Agency properties (Camps, Events, etc) for our collegiate student-athletes to monetize.
    • Social Media Consulting
    • Other partner companies will be added to provide additional services!
    • Assistance with marketplace opportunities, management and oversight.

****Please note we are monitoring all of the NCAA Legislation in this area.  While we cannot accept or engage with any agreements with student-athletes or families we do encourage discussions to better understand the services we will be providing once the formal legislation is in place.

For more information on our Name, Image and Likeness Advisory services please contact our CEO, Bryan Bedford at


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