College Sports Recruiting and Name, Image and Likeness (NIL)….Why the two are on a crash course together!

For years college sports recruiting had been evolving naturally will little fanfare unless, like me, you inspect the details of it with a fine-tooth comb. This natural evolution saw the evaluation process start earlier and earlier (College Football can thank Mack Brown for that), rapid expansion and investment into college facilities, the rise in cloud-hosted video (@Hudl) making it easier and easier to watch and evaluation student-athletes and then of course social media (feels like Twitter is basically a recruiting app some days). But now, the College Sports Recruiting process is about to shift into overdrive! Why you ask? Name, Image and Likeness that’s why! You see, now a student-athlete can profit based off the right to publicity. This means starting on July 1, 2021 a student-athlete’s decision about where he or she might attend college is no longer just about the degree, the facilities, location, the shinny gear and the cool coaches. Now a student-athlete and family must consider all sorts of other factors around personal monetization, branding and more. In short starting on July 1st, a student athlete could earn money (and thus think about these things when deciding about college fit) by doing the following:

Hosting Camps

Private Lessons




Social Media Posts/Brand Endorsements






Open a small business

And much more….

Honestly that’s just the tip of the iceberg of things, I expect kids to see and experience with these new rules. And while many are thrilled to see these evolution, I can promise it will be messy coming out of the gate. Expect to see some bold things as anytime new opportunities present themselves people will push all the boundaries they can. So expect to see these two worlds collide. Honestly….they already have.

Bryan Bedford


Bedford Agency

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