We’re Hiring! Looking for Rockstar Interns!

The Bedford Agency provides actionable insight and expertise in all areas of College Sports Recruiting!  We are uniquely positioned at the intersection of College Sports Recruiting and Name, Image and Likeness unlike any other firm. During the summer of 2021, we are seeking to hire 3 interns to serve as a working team to help us in the areas of Sales, Product Development, Marketing (heavy focus on Graphic design & Video). We need interns who want practice “real life” experience in the Sports and Entertainment industry. You will be on the ground, working real projects like Sales (Selling our services and refining our value proposition), Product Development (creating products out of our services) and Marketing (building new assets and repackaging existing content and more).

Job Responsibilities:

Understands the overall concept of the company, including our current brand (and future brands), customer, product goals and other aspects of our portfolio.

Drives 1-2 strategic projects this summer in your area of expertise (Sales, Product Development, or Marketing)

Accepts designated, business-focused projects to research, propose ideas and solutions and present milestone updates and a final project at the end of the summer.

Engages with our business partners, clients or prospective customers as needed.

Provide suggestions to management for improved workflows, customer experience and processes.

Network with industry peers and attend industry forums on behalf of the company.

This is a non-paid internship. We will however have incentives for projects for each of the three roles!

This is a PART-TIME role. Expect around 10 hours of work per week. Mainly independent work as well.

This is a FULLY VIRTUAL role. Applicants can be located anywhere in the world.


Verbal and Written Communication


Ability to work independently

Familiar with remote learning and collaboration tools.

Customer and Product Focus



Education/Experience Requirements:

In 3rd/4th year of a college program or Graduate Program (Preferred)

Prior Sports or Recruiting experience preferred

Interested in College Recruiting or Pro Personnel also a plus

Deadline and Application process:

Deadline for all applicants is June 4th at 5pm Central. Applicants must submit the following three items to be considered to Bedford Agency c/o Bryan Bedford via email at bryanpaulbedford@gmail.com:

Applicant Resume

Letter of Recommendation

Case Study: Please create one sample project that outlines which role you are pursuing (Sales, Product Development or Marketing). The sample project could be a written document, video or power point (or similar, get creative) that showcases examples of work that you have done before. An example might include graphics, video work, or for the sales role you might share experiences from previous jobs or work that could be similar like recruiting, etc and for the product development role, any experience you have in creating something (maybe it was a musical or program that you had to market, or maybe you truly have helped design something before we want to see it). Overall, get creative. The more thought and expression you put into this the better.

Once we receive these we will begin interviewing the week of June 7th with the goal to make final decisions by June 11th. Start date mid June. Internship will last until the fall 2021 school semester starts!

Best of luck!

Bedford Agency

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