Affiliate Partnership Announcement: Athlete Inc.

Earlier this week, we announced on Twitter that we had formalized our first Affiliate Partnership with Athlete Inc. here in Oklahoma City, OK. Some folks across the country as well as locally asked questions on what this means and why did we create this model, so let me take a few minutes to explain two things including A. How the affiliate model works? B. What are we doing together with Athlete Inc.?

Our Affiliate Model is one that we launched this past fall.  The model is to partner with clubs, leagues, teams and performance facilities to offer them a way to expand their core services by aligning them toward the Bedford Agency to offer Recruiting Education, Seminars, and Recruiting Content and Tools.  The goal is to provide the industry a way to scale recruiting education at the grass roots level and provide additional development and tools to support the transition to college.  We are looking to expand this model around the country but we are excited by the interest we are seeing so far in this model!


Now, let’s explain in more detail the Bedford Agency + Athlete Inc. Partnership and what this means.  In short, Athlete Inc. is the leading training and performance company in the State of Oklahoma with former Division I Coaches and Instructors and have been serving for several years the post-college market as those athletes prepare for “pro-days” and “combines”.  This year alone they have trained over 15 post-college athletes for the combine and pro-days.  A similar model is what we are looking to create with high school market as we want to prepare student-athletes for college camps while also offering these families recruiting education and advisement in a turnkey fashion.  Currently this is a major gap!  The training and prep for college camps is an area around the country that is under-served and combined with Recruiting Education is a powerful combination.

In fact, last week alone together with Athlete Inc. we hosted our first in a series of “College Recruiting 101 Workshops” to a full house of student-athletes, parents and high school coaches.


So, as you can see, we have an exciting new model to expand our Recruiting Education and Advisement Services and are excited to partner with Athlete Inc. here in Oklahoma City and look forward to added additional Affiliates around the country.

For more please direct questions on the partnership, general inquires about hosting a “College Recruiting 101 Workshop” at a location near you or ways to partner with us, please contact Bryan Bedford, Founder of the Bedford Agency at


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