Why a Recruiting Advisor?

The past couple of weeks I have been blessed to be contacted by parents of high school Soccer, Volleyball, Track, Swimming and Football players all seeking assistance in the college recruiting process through our Personalized Recruiting Advisor approach.  In each instance these parents have shared how much there family needs help in the college recruiting process.  They need a “north star” so to speak.  Some have said:

“Bryan I don’t know where to even start!”

or I heard:

“How will my child be seen if we are at a small 2A high school?”

or …

“We’ve seen people make recruiting mistakes and we don’t want that to happen!”

or  even this one …

“We don’t even know what level of college sports our child can play at, can you help?”?  

All fair questions, that in normal circumstances would be “learning on the fly” type scenarios for most families.  Some would hope they get evaluated at the right time, or they might hope that they know how to handle a certain situation, strategy and so on.  A percentage of families will go through this process on their own and handling it really well, managing there expectations as best they can, and getting a bevy of feedback from any person they can to help sort through all the recruiting clutter.

But for many, they have or will be making the small investment to get a personal recruiting advisor as their child reaches their Freshman, Sophomores and Juniors years to prepare them with a proven strategy, guide them through the wave of experiences, choices and decisions and give proven direction to them about what many know little about.  And when I say “personal” I mean personal!  Not a national recruiting service that is doing cookie cutter work and promising all sorts of exposure, but me, a real person who has been a Division I and II Recruiting Director helping you personally with a very proven track record in recruiting.


In fact just this weekend  that “North Star Experience” was experienced as I presented four prospects (Classes 2020 and 2021) to a national evaluation agency specializing in football recruiting.  In each instance our evaluation was 100% correct and just as the national evaluators expected and in-line with their current evaluation. This is just an example of the way we baseline our approach, make it targeted and impactful.  That’s experience!

So if you know of someone we can help please let me help them.  If you know of a club or league that is struggling to help its members with recruiting, then have them check out our Recruiting Affiliate Program.  This is a broader recruiting education model to serve large clubs, teams and affiliates but still is effective in getting basic instruction in the hands of parents in a cost effective way which is a huge gap in the world of youth sports today.

I closing, please note that I started the Bedford Agency to help with Recruiting and Sports Consulting and after the last couple of weeks it appears like there is still a great deal of demand for both!  Here to help provide fulfill our mission of providing “insights beyond the game”!

Bryan Bedford

Managing Director/Founder




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