Class of 2019 Prospects…Do you have a recruiting strategy?

Recently I was contacted by several families with kids in the Class of 2019 (Current Juniors) inquiring about the recruiting process, assistance and where to start.  Candidly for a lot of families this is a mysterious process and one that they likely will only go through once in their life.  I always start by asking the families “Do you have a Recruiting Strategy” and without fail nearly all of them have none!  Many of them are confused, discouraged, overwhelmed by the process.  That’s a natural answer and very normal, and honestly if I hadn’t gone through this with families for nearly 2 decades I will feel the same way. 

With that I always try to give the basics to the plan at least help families consider the various elements they need to plan for like:

 1. NCAA Rules & the Clearinghouse.

2. Content and Video

3. Academic Advisement (including Testing)

4. Social Media

5. School Targets

6. Evaluation


But you see, many struggle with even taking the basics and running with them and need help!  Is that you?  Or do you know someone that has a child going through the college sports recruiting process?  I normally compare this process to that of doing your taxes or representing yourself in court for a legal issue.  Both you could do by yourself, but in most cases you hire someone to assist you.  Way too much on the line to not have an expert!  Just ask this recent family how offered this parent insight!

So I would offer you this, if you need help, just ask!  Let me help you or someone you know through this process.  We offer a unique process with personalized advising, evaluation, checklists, in person consult and a 24/7/365 collaboration space to help you through the process until you sign.  If you have someone you could refer to us, that would be great as well. Feel free to drop me a email at and I will contact them today!

Bryan Bedford

Managing Director



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