What I learned by going to a College Class this week?

This week I was invited by Tim Baghurst, Director of Sports and Coaching at Oklahoma State University to speak to his “Theory and Practice of Coaching Class”. Tim asked me to talk about my experiences in coaching at the NCAA Division I Level and in sports administration which is always something fun to share with college kids. But, this time I also took a few minutes to touch on the broader life lessons that affect all of us like “passion, perspectives, and placement” and the underlying need to develop deeper relationships that should help these students (or all of us for that matter) reach their goals. While I have reflected on my time in Stillwater, I was struck at how meaningful that advice has been for me in my life and how it is also guiding what we do at the Bedford Agency. Let me explain…


  1. Placement-the meaning here is to be clear with where you want to take your career, the role you want to achieve and the goals you want to accomplish. For these students at Oklahoma State, it could be as easy as developing an internship strategy, a specialization within a career field to tackle to provide them differentiation.   For the Bedford Agency that means we are focused on the types of value we can provide to our consulting engagements and families we are supporting as a recruiting advisor. This week alone we have meet with companies creating Sports Foundations, Start-up Companies in Europe looking to expand into the U.S. Market and looking at our long term strategy for growth and development and how we want to be strategic in our approach. Either way, developing a “north star” is important, no matter where you are at in life and that was the goal of my talk at OSU.
  2. Professionalism-simply put, it’s about putting your best foot forward, networking to showcase the skills and value you bring and seeking out continual educational development. For these students, it’s all right in front of them, as they navigate early in career and educational choices. While they may not fully grasp that right now, I believe planting those seeds now will help them bear fruit in the future. For us at the Bedford Agency, that is about forging partnerships, creating a network of collaboration relationships in the field of Sports including Content, Sports Performance, Coaching Development, Technology and Branding. Regardless, know that the Bedford Agency is sticking to the notion of becoming a “Sports Insights” company (you can read about it at www.thebedfordagency.com), providing boutique services to help in a variety of areas around sales, partnerships, consulting, recruiting advisor and business development.
  3. Passion-for every class that I speak at, I encourage them to think about the choice they make and the passions that they have in their life. We’ve all heard the phrase “pick a job you love and you will never work a day in your life” and while that’s probably not 100% true it does make life a lot more enriched when we enjoy what we are doing. People ask me all the time about why we started the Bedford Agency, and my answer is always the same, “to help families navigate the college recruiting process and to help companies wanting to work in sports navigate the complexity of this industry”. You see, for us, this is our passion and we are happy to share it with all of you.

So you see, while a day with the Cowboys of Oklahoma State may not seem like much, its times like this when I am able to reflect on what is driving us at the Bedford Agency.


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Bryan Bedford

Managing Director


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