Consulting…and what that means at the Bedford Agency!

I was recently asked about the corporate consulting practice we are building at the Bedford Agency and what that really means and who we are targeting.  Let’s start with the charter of the company, to become a Sports Insights company.  What that means in terms of sports consulting is that we are striving to offer insight and expertise for companies looking to expand, grow and launch offerings and capabilities in the Sports & Entertainment industry.  With over 20 years in this space spanning, hi-tech, team sports, sales & marketing, complex partnering and broadcasting we have a lot of info to share!

Just this spring alone we have advised companies in the areas of corporate strategy, new sales hire recruitment advisement, business development just to name a few of the areas we have touched.  The hope is that we can offer companies in this space a trusted partner to help them expand, grow, streamline sales, and develop short and long term strategic growth strategies to help them achieve there goals and beyond.


Just last week I spoke to a small sized company that is having tons of success in the Sports industry based in Europe.  There feedback was tremendous and included this quote “Bryan we see companies all the time that need a trusted advisor to help them navigate and understand the global and U.S. sports market”.  That is exactly where we see a great opportunity to help folks be successful in this space.  This week another creative design company came to us and said a similar thing “Bryan we think you could help us in a number of ways as we grow our business and refine our sales model”.  Spot on!  Love it.  This is what we envisioned two years ago when we started the Bedford Agency and its fun now to see it really take shape and expand beyond Recruiting Advisement and Event Production but now a more comprehensive Sports Insights group that can partner with folks really looking for a trusted partner in the Sports & Entertainment space.  For more information or to contact the Bedford Agency, please check us out at or follow us on Twitter @BedfordAgency.

-Bryan Bedford




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