What’s new in 2018 with The Bedford Agency?

Bilas_BAGosh is it March already!?  Ready for some hoops? Thinking about Spring Football, Planning that spring track season? Or are you waiting for Opening Day?  Yes to all of the above.  We love seeing all that hard work on and off the field.  We also have been heads down ourselves working on our “game” too just like many of our clients, teams, brands and companies we work with.  We’ve spent a bunch of time working with our trusted friends at The Centerfold Agency in Charlotte to refine our messaging, brand, value proposition to properly reflect the core three services we are looking to provide including: Recruiting Advisement, Corporate Consulting and Event Production

Safe to say we’ve made some progress!  I love the process Centerfold took us through as we refined these concepts starting with a simple question: “What is the core mission of the Bedford Agency?”.  We landed on a simple charter: “The Bedford Agency provides actionable insights and leadership to athletes and professionals in the sports and entertainment world through recruiting advisement, corporate consulting and event production.  We navigate this complex and expansive industry while focusing on you.”   What birthed out of this value statement was the notion that what we are building is really a “Sports Insights Group”.   Short, sweet, and powerful but effective.

To drill into this further we broke down the three key areas we have focused on to date and come up with statements that I think reflect the core mission even further.  Take a look below:

Recruiting Advisement:  “The Bedford Agency guides each player and family through the complex recruiting process with our proven recruiting advisory services.  Learn more about the entire process and how to structure a recruiting strategy that puts you in the best position for the future”. 

Corporate Consulting: “The Bedford Agency offers insight and expertise for companies looking to expand within the sports and entertainment industry.  From developing new products or partnerships, streamlining operations or expanding and growing sales to exceed your company goals, we are the strategic partner you can trust.”

Event Production: “The Bedford Agency partners with and develops elite brands in sports and entertainment to provide memorable experiences. Activate your brand and run a successful event to create an immediate impact for your company.”

You see, we are aspiring to be a Sports Insights Group that allows families, brands and companies to accomplish there goals!  These value statements serve as a guidepost to do just that.  As a parent described to me just this week and I quote ” I believe Bryan was instrumental in helping our son achieve his goal to play college football. I highly recommend the Bedford Agency”!  Are you the next partner we can help achieve its goals?   Check out our newly remodeled website at http://www.thebedfordagency.com for an in depth look at everything we are up too!


Bryan Bedford

Managing Director

The Bedford Agency


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